Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Do It To Me Generation

On the slight chance that you have not figured this out through reading my blog let me first preface this post by saying that I generally hate everything. Even things that I think that I like I eventually start hating. So please don't be surprised when I mention something that you (my loyal readers) like but I say I hate. Whenever I hate something it is typically the pompous douchiness that surrounds the concept or action not the specific action itself (well, a few things actually are lame, sorry skinny jeans) Moving right along let's get to todays topic: The do it to me generation.

As I've stated in earlier blogs we once were a species of pioneers and creativity and now we have become high tech rearrangers. To be fair, the world no longer honors mastery of skill, a unique idea or delayed gratification. Also in this day an age most of our immediate needs are met. We as people don't need to know how to fabricate engine parts for our Oldmobile out of a tin can. We don't need to build a part for our fridge or lathe a door that doesn't close correctly. The unfortunate bi-product of having everything readily available and having all of our needs met is that we become easily bored. We are easily bored because there is no challenge to fix or build something independently. Sure there is technology left to be discovered but most of that is at the end of a high tech microscope and after years of education. There are very few modest wins for an individual to conquer on a lazy sunday afternoon. 

And so is born what I would call the Do It To Me Generation. The DITMG is littered with people with no real goals because everything that could be done has already been done. There is no great insight or idea to talk about. We are no longer individuals going out and impressing on the world, rather we are unambitious observers that allow the world to impose on us while we remain motionless. 

A fellow blogger once asked "What kind of tattoo should I get?" to which I replied "A phoenix holding a Koi fish with some Japanese writing on it." He didn't get the joke. I later explained that the tattoo idea was a combination of a few tattoo cliches that have been used by millions of other "original" people.  We have indirectly backed into my first example of the do it to me generation and that is: tattoos.

Tattoos in principle are a fine idea. A lasting imprint of an image or a meaningful saying that has guided and/or inspired your life is an alright idea. However, when you don't know what tattoo you want to get and you are entertaining ideas you probably are not ready for the experience. This response these days is not uncommon. You will also find that people have unwarranted desires to pierce their face, tongue and various other body parts with seemingly no explanation. 

If it is not "alternative" tats and piercings, then it's a desire for plastic surgery. If it's not plastic surgery then, to a lesser extent we slap some spinners on a piece of shit car. The world is now inundated with two tone paint jobs, ram air hoods and racing stripes. All of these interesting and unique snowflakes will blather on for hours about the modifications they hope to get or have already gotten but once they run dry on that topic they have nothing left. I'm sure that there is one intelligent person out there reading this who has a tattoo who is thinking "I object to what you are saying." Well, I have news for you, you are running with a pack of idiots and you are the shining star minority among them. Most people who buy in do so because they are not intelligent or interesting enough to do something actually meaningful/useful with their lives.


  1. Well there are still tons of discoveries to be made it is just that your average person really will not try to find them and I agree about the tattoo thing. A tattoo should be some expression of who you are and what you have done, not something so impersonal that thousands of people have.

  2. I agree - and I have ten tattoos.

    Although I once wrote a post about my opinions of a lot of people that get them.

    Mostly I'm just a hypocrite - but I enjoy being one so sue me.

  3. I've wondering lately, how does one escape this rut now known as society? Is our only recourse to run screaming into the wilderness, clawing at our clothes as we flee the civilized world? Because that sounds kinda icky.

  4. goos, honest post Drone. you have done me the favour of having to think about writting something similar myself - damn you irony.

    @dirtycowgirl - everyone loves a good hypocrite! its what blogs were invented for! :)

  5. I totally agree. But can we discuss vattoos?

  6. I had to google Vattoos. I think those probably deserve their own post. :0

  7. jesus fucking christ, how true.
    but then again the majority of meat puppets lack original thoughts, creative ideas, or intellectual charms.
    fucking idiots.
    to them i dole out bad advice at nauseum:
    ~ why not get a HELLO KITTY tattoo?!?!?!
    ~ oooh- those tight sweatpants that read "juicy" look soo good on you.
    ~ a bi-level haircut would make you look EDGY.

    fuck the sheeple. these morons think sarah palin is a genius.

  8. I'm getting a tat that reads "Gluten Free" on my penis. I hear that it's the latest diet rage.

    The only original thing left to do, is just to NOT get any tats at all. And suicide.

  9. Drone, like every one else in these comments I also wrote about this. (Only I am a little less profane.) I dig your writing.