Friday, April 29, 2011

Opposite Perspective Guy

Do you know opposite perspective guy? He generally exists amidst your group of friends passing himself off as one of the team, that is until you try to have a basic discussion. This is when opposite perspective guy strikes. He may share the same political or religious views as you, yet every conversation you create and every point that you make he has the opposite perspective.

 Taking a Devil's advocate approach to a discussion is often a good thing however, to be a Devil's advocate you must be able to first hear and accept a point before you can refute it with evidence. Opposite perspective guy routinely shits on any point that you make and seems puzzled when you bring up common everyday occurrences in order to introduce a point.

Example: I want to talk about the dangers of ingesting too much toothpaste.

Me: Hey you know how you brush your teeth everyday?
OPG: I don't brush my teeth everyday.
Me: Well, you know how you are supposed to brush your teeth everyday?
OPG: That's just a conspiracy, we have positive disease fighting germs that live in our gums.
Me: Okay, well you know how people have been told to brush their teeth three times a day since they were kids?
OPG: I've never heard that.
Me: Really? You never saw the brush your teeth song on television when you were a kid?
OPG: I don't watch television
Me: You don't watch Television, why not?
OPG: It poisons the mind
Me: Ah, so your parents didn't want your mind being corrupted by all of those negative images?
OPG: No, there are chemicals released into the air from TV's, they are toxic.

As you can see it doesn't take long for what appeared to be a simple conversation to stray way off course. OPG is a clusterfuck of of insane ideas and never quite seems grounded in common sense. OPG is unable to follow a conversation because to follow a conversation he would have to listen, process and interpret what you say. 


  1. Haha!! I know people like that! Actually, come to think about it, I'm like that myself sometimes! I just like being an ass i guess!

  2. You know what I guess I could be that guy but after reading your example I am more of the "logical buzz killing guy" than a crazy person like that.

  3. Sounds like OPG has most likely got halitosis too.

    Like the new logo btw :)

  4. How do you know his perspective is opposite?


  5. Funny. I've dealt with people like that.

  6. wow. yeah, i've met those folks ... i don't even bother. you gave him more energy than he deserves.

    the last one i met like that, was a snot eater.

  7. So that's how they are called?
    I always thought they are just "stinky", in mind and other body parts.
    Thank you Drone. Very informative. :D

  8. Life is too fun to take it seriously unless you're seriously being detained from having serious fun.-OPG